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Why use live ladybugs instead of pesticides?

Everyone wants their home garden or lawn to be beautiful and lush without the hassle and heartbreak of pest-damage.  However, the growing awareness of the harmful effects of pesticides on our lawns and food requires an old solution.  Keep your lawn and garden toxin free and lush with what organic gardeners have known for year.  Ladybugs!

Pesticides are legal toxins designed to kill pests. Just because they are sold at any home garden store does not imply they are safe. Many studies show that prolonged exposure to pesticides can increase the likelihood of you, your family, and your pets developing cancer, infertility, brain and nervous system damage as well as causing birth defects and stillbirths. Pesticides can also inflame asthma and allergies conditions. These harmful effects are also exacerbated in children and pets, as their smaller body size and resulting relative surface area lead to higher respiration rates and therefore higher pesticide intake. As we all know children and pets also love to explore with their mouths and are more likely to directly ingest harmful lawn care and gardening products.

Ladybugs enjoy worldwide popularity and in many cultures are symbols of good luck. So when a ladybug lands on your aphid-infested garden, they rightly deserve this honor as ladybugs and their larvae have huge appetites for pests, namely aphids, and can make or break an organic garden. Besides aphids, ladybugs also eat scales, mites, and moth larvae which along with aphids can be some of the most harmful pests to your garden and successful harvest.  Ladybugs are iconic and instantly recognizable, however the young, larval form is often mistaken for an unknown pest and killed. Ladybug larvae look like tiny orange-spotted blue or black crocodiles with six legs, and like crocodiles have voracious appetites…for pests.

Where to buy ladybugs

nature’s pesticide

There are a number of different sites that sell live ladybugs online.  The quality and quantity you receive from these sites vary significantly so before you buy a gallon container of ladybugs and carpet your lawn and garden with little ladies, it would be best to buy a pint or a cup first to see how they work.

  source   price  number
1. 1500 Live Ladybugs  Amazon  12.95  1,500
2. 300 Live Ladybugs   Amazon   $6.50  300



Tips on how to use live ladybugs

Upon receipt of your ladybugs it is advisable to immediately put them in a refrigerator until you are ready to release them. Within an hour of release time

When you receive the ladybugs in the mail, put them immediately into the refrigerator until you plan to release them into your garden or greenhouse. Ladybugs purchased after June can be stored for up to 3 or more months if you make sure to spray them with a water mister every couple of weeks. Because of their life-cycle, Ladybugs purchased before May should be released in May.

Release the live ladybugs ideally just after the sun sets or as a close second alternative in the morning before sunrise. The absolute best time is after sunset on a day that it has rained. If no rain that day make sure to pre-water your garden or lawn before the release as live ladybugs get thirsty during shipment and storage.

Also be sure to release the ladybugs in a number of small spread out releases over a number of weeks and not all at one time on one plant.

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